Homemade Sleepy Tea

I seem to go through occasional bouts of insomnia. I don’t really have a “Trigger” I just find myself not able to sleep when everyone else in the house is counting sheep. Below is one of my favorite teas to help calm my soul and allow me to drift off to sleep. Sleepy Tea 2… Read More Homemade Sleepy Tea


The Zombies are coming!

PREPPERS!  When some people hear this word they immediately think of tin foil hat wearing, conspiracy theorists salivating at the idea of an apocalypses coming to a town near you.  Granted, we have had a few discussions with people who somewhat tilt towards this way of thinking, but for the most part the people you find… Read More The Zombies are coming!


Homemade Laundry Soap

With three of us at the homestead, you can imagine we do quite a bit of laundry.  Brian & I  sat down and figured out we spend over $200 a year in laundry soap. I have a wonderful friend, Lindsey Clark, who turned me on to this AWESOME homemade laundry soap recipe.  With three simple ingredients, we… Read More Homemade Laundry Soap

Life on the Farm

Why we are here!

A year ago, we never would have thought we would be homesteading.  We were living in the middle of suburbia, surrounded by cookie cutter homes, HOA covenants, a yard I could cut with a weed eater, and we were absolutely miserable!  One night, as we were immersed in a gladiator like game of Yahtzee, our… Read More Why we are here!