Our Story

Hey everyone and thanks for visiting our virtual homestead!  Let us introduce ourselves, Angela is the beautiful brains of the operation, continuously searching and networking for great ideas for the home, farm and for our dinner table.  She loves having the chance to try new DIY projects that are natural and healthy for our family, all while keeping with the fading traditions of self-sustaining.  Gardening is her passion, the satisfaction of knowing the dinner’s you will see at our table has been grown with love makes them even that much better!  The bearded guy is Brian.  Give him some power tools, an idea, and he will be covered in saw dust and paint before you know it.  Projects are what he loves, no matter how big or small he will tackle them with a smile on his face.  Hopefully we can share some ideas you will enjoy that are interesting and fun at the same time.

Hidden Truth Farms is a family owned piece of heaven located in Pittsboro, NC. Since the day we decided to turn our home into a local micro-farm, we have been focused on creating an environment which will provide fresh, preservative / chemical free products with the local flair only found in rural North Carolina. With the sound of chickens roaming around, fresh veggies in and around the greenhouse, our homestead is growing daily.  Soon there will be goats bouncing around being there mischievous selves, bees cultivating delicious honey and who knows what else we have in store for us, but we are excited every morning to see what the next adventure will be!  Again, thanks for visiting and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on anything!