FREE Mulch!!

Well, its that time of year again.  The leaves are falling and they are EVERYWHERE!  We didn’t Rake up Our leaves until We moved to Hidden Truth Farm.   We have come to realize the value of Our leaves as We need mulch on Our little farm.  Now We try to re-purpose most everything including Our leaves for mulch.  This is the best time of the year to maximize on covering Our plants, even those in the greenhouse.  They all need a little blanket of leaves as mulch to keep them warm & cozy.

Brian & I spent the weekend gathering Our leaves.  It was a bit of a challenge I’ll admit as We had to compete with the wind.  I think We picked the windiest weekend to collect leaves.   The job is done!  Now Our plants benefit from a blanket of fresh leaves to keep them nice & warm.   We also put plastic on the greenhouse to protect the plants from these cold cold nights.  During the day We are still having to use a fan to keep them cool since it is getting between 80 ~ 100 degrees inside the greenhouse during the day.  We don’t want to burn up Our next croft of goodies with the increased heat inside the greenhouse.

As you can see we had a lot of leaves on the property and honestly there were so many we couldn’t get them all up.  But we picked up enough to add quite a bit to Our compost for the garden which will be turned over in January.  This will give the bugs and whatever else wants to root around in the compost pile time to help reduce it all into a rich organic nutrient fertilizer for next years crop.

Fall is going to turn into winter before We know it.  Always trying to stay ahead of the seasons so We can have Our crops ready to roll out.  Every season allows for the opportunity to plant & store Your delicious return.  Winter crops are no exception!  If You love the dark leafy green veggies, winter is a great month to plant and harvest those delicious vegetables.   The soil needs to be ready as cold weather doesn’t allow for error.

Happy planting Everyone!

~ Angela

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