Not Your Average Window Covering

The first time we saw the homestead, one of the aspects of it we fell in love with was the amount of windows the home had.  There is nothing better than natural light pouring into the house or a cool breeze filling the rooms.  When we began deciding how we were going to dress them, we wanted to give each room its own individual flair.  Angela is not a big fan of curtains so she wanted to come up with more creative ways to liven up the rooms.  The main living room was the first one we wanted to finish and I must say the idea she came up with was perfect!

The design itself is pretty simple but I found out quick the most important thing for me was gong to be making sure my measurements and cuts were perfect.  Our goal for these was to have the coverings fit perfectly inside the frame of the windows without having to drill any holes or add supports.  That meant I had to adjust the old rule of measure twice and cut once, measure 34 times before I cut!  Guess what, it worked!  Check out these great DIY Window coverings that will make any room look awesome.

One thing we have really focused on when we moved out here to the homestead is repurposing.  Whether its by composing or tearing apart old furniture and making it something new, we wanted to be very conscious about  not letting anything go to waste.  We had some old 2 x 12’s laying around from our old greenhouse and I have a Table Saw so let the cutting begin.  We went with 1″ thick for the wood, it would be substantial enough but not be too gaudy.  After I dawned my protective gear I let the sawdust fly.

Gotta make sure to wear your PPE!

After all the pieces were cut we assembled the frames, taking each one inside to ensure we had the proper fit before we put the fabric on.  I must say I was pretty proud of myself, I only had to trim one of the 12 pieces we cut.  Once we got them together it was time to put on the fabric.

I do love my table saw

Angela came across a great find at JoAnne’s with the fabric.  She found exactly what she wanted on the 40% off rack, had a 30% coupon, apparently if you do a little break dancing they will knock off another 20% so she got it for about 47 cents.  Ok, just kidding, but she did get it for a steal.  With Staple Gun in hand we went to work on attaching the fabric to the frames.

I have one gorgeous assistant

It’s amazing how quickly your hands will get tired squeezing a staple gun.  We have a joke around HTF that if we don’t use at least 100 staples in a project we didn’t do it right.  Well, no worries about that with this one.  Oh, and the DIY Island Top we build makes a perfect craft table too.  Bonus!

Looking good

After we finished the last one and worked the staple gun cramp our of our hands it was install time.  There is nothing more rewarding than building something yourself and having it turn out better than what you hoped.

Perfect Fit

When we installed the last one, we stood back in the middle of the room, looked around, high fived each other on another awesome DIY project completed then begun to plan the next one.  If we didn’t have a list of projects to do I believe we would be lost!

All done

Material and Tool List

6 – 45 ¼” 1 x 2 board

6 – 39” 1 x 2 board

Kabillion ¾” Staples

Staple Gun

5 yards Fabric

2” Deck Screw


Hope everyone enjoyed this.  We had a blast building them as we always do with projects.  Stay tuned for more Hidden Truth Farms DIY adventures!



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