A stroll through the garden

When we came home from church today, we decided to spend the day in the garden.  Well, truth be told, we began dismantling the greenhouse.  While out there, we took the time to really take a look at how our babies were doing.  No need to say a whole lot, just take a look at how everything is really taking life!

Our Roma’s are loaded down
Our newest babies
This beauty tasted soooo good on our bacon egg sandwich this morning!
We love some squash!
We had a visitor…..we named him Steve!
Medicinal herb’s are a must in every garden
Green Maters! Cant wait
Yellow is becoming our favorite color!

There you go ya’ll.  Wanted to share a little of what we have going on here at HTF.  Things are about to explode around here, come on by and visit, you will probably leave with some goodies!

~ Brian and Angela

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