Balancing Work and the Homestead

Grinding out the work week sitting in a cubical staring at a computer screen is something none of us enjoy.  Unfortunately the lottery folks have not called yet to tell us we can skip off into retirement, so from Monday thru Friday we deal with the rush hour traffic to and from the office all while our mind’s wander thinking about the homestead waiting for our return.  One fortunate thing for Angela and I, we do work in the same building, so we have the opportunity to carpool together, that is time we use to defuse from the day and plan our evening.  But for those who homestead like us, there is no such thing as a part time list of items to attend to when we arrive home.  From caring for the animals and garden to projects left unfinished from the weekend, we have to try and squeeze a day’s worth of work into a few hours of sunlight once we pull into the driveway.  It isn’t always easy, but we are such a great team, we always seem to make it work.

It has to be time to leave soon!

Homesteading is a lifestyle that does not fit everyone.  You must be dedicated to the responsibilities that come with the territory, even on those days you just don’t feel up to it.  You now have animals who depend on you, crops that need watered and cared for on a daily basis.  Soon we will begin planning for our fall and winter crops, which means getting the new greenhouses build, water collection system in place and tested, purchasing the seeds we will need to sustain us through the winter.  The days of coming home and dropping down on the couch staring blindly at the TV are thankfully over.  Honestly, we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Happy Squash is Good Squash!

Our goal is to one day be able to leave the rat race behind and focus completely on the homestead, but we knew from the beginning that would take some time.  There is still a lot for us to learn, even though I honestly believe the education never stops.  There are always going to be trial and error moments but we need those failures as much as the successes.  That’s what is going to take so our homestead will be as self-sufficient as possibly.    Being able focus on work and provide the support expected of our team can be a struggle sometimes.  I will catch myself visualizing the next project we have to do, or what we have to complete when we get home, but I will snap back into reality to focus on the job at hand, all the while counting down the minutes before we jump in the truck and head to our little piece of heaven.

My baby with two of our girls

We have a lot of awesome additions we will be adding to Hidden Truth Farms in the near future.  We are extremely excited to be able to share those with you as we get them completed.  This is without a doubt a completely different lifestyle than what we were living just a year ago.  Every night though while we are sitting on the back porch looking over what God has blessed us with, one of us will glance over with a look of contentment on our face and say to the other “Baby, I love our life!”  And that ladies and gentlemen makes it all worthwhile!

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